Pledge Class Officers

Pledges: the following is a description of the various offices you may wish to pursue this Fall semester before you are initiated as fully-fledged Brothers! The pledging officers play a large role in the success of your Pledge class! We put a lot of faith in you guys as the future of our magnificent fraternity; we’re happy to assist you along the way!


Pledge Class President: Ramsey Akel
He/she sends emails of relevant information to pledges. He/she also makes sure that all pledge officers are fulfilling their responsibilities, and they offer to help them if they need help. The Pledge Class President also sits as a Vice-Chair on the AAP committee in order to help the WC make reports to turn into nationals.

Pledge Class Vice President: Evan Farris
He/she will check with classmates to make sure everyone is fulfilling their responsibilities. The Pledge Class VP also sits as a Vice-Chair on the AAP committee in order to help the WC make reports to turn into nationals.

Pledge Class Treasurer: Brianna Felts
He/she takes up dues and retreat money from P1 class via envelopes. He/she then condenses info to pass along to the WKF. This officer also sits as a Vice-Chair on the fraternity’s Financial Committee.

Social Vice-Chairs (2): Roxanne Puleo, Kayla Howley
They help Social Chairs plan and implement social events. They are especially expected to help clean up after events at PDC house and/or recruit others to help with cleanup. They are responsible for mowing the PDC lawn on a regular basis or finding someone to mow the lawn from the social committee.
Fundraising Vice-Chairs (2): Katherine Speer, Brandi Dansby
They pass out fundraising materials to the P1 class. They help Fundraising Chairs plan and implement fundraisers. This year, they will need to make calls around Memphis to find a good location for our Mud Volleyball tournament as well as help recruit businesses to participate in that event.

Community Service Vice-Chairs (2): Jade Ngueyn, Aktta Thakkar
They will help the Community Service Chairs run events including the St Jude Marathon.  Their Tuesdays (4-5pm) should preferably be open to help tutor at Mustard Seed. They will need to plan at least one service event on their own during the spring semester.

Pledge Retreat Planners (2): Marvin Lelis, Uday Patel
They create the pledge retreat/pledge class T-shirt design and help the pledge masters plan and implement pledge retreat.